The highway bags are re-purposed from  this pile of inner tubes!

12 Mar From trash to Strong, Sexy, Smart.

There’s been a lot of interest lately in the recycled inner tube handbags.  So I thought I would take a moment and highlight the origins of the highway bags.

Anything that gives the tubes more character is a winner.

There is quite a process from start to finish.  More than a day has to be set aside for retrieving, cleaning, and cutting the tubes.  With rubber gloves, tall rain boots and a tarp for the back of the trailer I set off to collect inner tubes.  The featured picture shows the huge pile of discarded inner tubes, which is at least 15′ tall.  It’s important to wear tall rain boots because as you climb to the top of the pile dirty water is running off the tubes and all over the boots.

I’m picky with choosing inner tubes.  I look for the most interesting tread marks, lots of writing and patches.  Anything that gives the tubes more character is a winner.  Then the tubes are power washed with soap and water, cut in half and washed again.  When a purchase order comes in, the inner tube is cut into a bag template and given a final protective wash that gives a shine and sealer to the tube.  The inner tube is finally ready for assembly and shipped off.


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